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A collection of JavaScript Bookmarklets

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Image to Alt


Drag the link to your bookmarks toolbar or folder.

Image to Alt, replaces all img tags on a page with a transparent gif, the former image gets a border so you know where to mouseover for title text or other hover effects. Next to the image placeholder is the alt text for that image printed out. If an image is a link and has no alt text, the word Link is inserted.

The bookmarklet will rerun the removal code if you click on the page. There's a time delay before it fires, so if you click on a show/hide type link, the new content will have it's images replaced as well.

Currently the time delay is 5 seconds. This is to allow very slow loading sites time to do their thing.

With much love and respect to Jesse Ruderman's Zap Images, this is an updated version of his idea, that takes into account modern website designs.

Pre Wrap


This is a simple little tool that wraps the text on a page that's inside pre tags. This is particularly useful on smaller screens, blog posts viewed in narrow columned styles and for posts viewed via feeds.

I use it when looking at the feeds for Google issue trackers, where verbose comments roll right off the screen.

Archive of Our Own (AO3) Bookmarklets

This collection is tailor made for use on The AO3.

Reorder Fandoms

Updated on July 1, 2014 to work with the new html on the AO3.

This bookmarklet works on fandom index pages at the AO3. That is, any of the pages accessible from the Fandoms drop-down in the main menu.

Click the bookmarklet and the page is reordered in descending order by number of works.

To return to the regular view, just reload the page.

This has been tested in Firefox, very briefly in Chrome, and likely will work in modern versions of IE and Opera.

The bookmarklet should fail silently (do nothing) if you try to use it on a page that isn't an AO3 fandom page.

The bookmarklet is also dependent on the AO3 page structure, which I have no control over. If it stops working for you, check back here for an update.


This bookmarklet is designed to fix a bug that isn't really a bug. Sometimes there are empty paragraphs in a story. The archive puts them in there on purpose when it parses the uploaded text because that text contains extra white space. They can't guess whether you meant to do it, they just go with it.

This can make reading a scrolly chore.

This bookmarklet cleans out all those blank lines with one click. Use caution though, some authors put in extra blank lines as section breaks, and this might make the story seem to stop making sense. If you don't like the effect, just reload the page.

You can find the same sort of idea done by Flamebyrd in a userscript called AO3 Tools.

Other people's bookmarklets

Jesse's Bookmarklets - hasn't been updated in a while, but it's a classic

Gridwax - brilliant little tool for web developers that puts a grid on the page. Also on github.